In December 2014 the Bawdsey Coastal Partnership (BCP) was constituted as a community partnership with the stated objective of facilitating the renewal and management of the sea defences on the 5 miles of Suffolk coast from Shingle Street to the mouth of the Deben.  It was originally registered as a company limited by guarantee but has now been changed to be a Community Interest Company (CIC).

As a community partnership the BCP membership, who are responsible for all material decisions, number some 21 locally based individuals  including: the local Parish Council Chairs, the local District Councillor, local business representatives, the RFCC, landowners and residents.  The Chair is Nick Crick who lives in Alderton.

The BCP are working primarily with the Environment Agency Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Coastal District Council who have statutory responsibilities for the management and maintenance of the defences and the Shoreline Management Plans for our coastline.  Additionally the BCP will work with all other interested and related bodies, eg: Natural England, Suffolk AONB, etc.